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What Does ARC Training Involve?

What Does ARC Training Involve?

Trained ARC trainers / consultants are available to provide training and consultation nationally and internationally for programs / agencies and for larger systems interested in integrating ARC into their practice. Typical requests for ARC training include the following:

  1. Provision of an ARC workshop at a conference or other open-registration event (2-day training; typically a one-time offering)

  2. Training providers in a clinical setting (i.e., out-patient, home- or community-based mental health center) in clinical use of the framework with children and families; emphasis is on use of the framework in individual / familial / dyadic / group intervention by mental health professionals

  3. Training providers in a service system (i.e., hospital, residential program, school, foster care, child welfare, juvenile justice, shelter, etc.) in clinical use of the framework (intervention with clients served by the system) AND / OR systemic integration of framework concepts (using framework core components to guide development of a trauma-informed system). We strongly suggest that service systems address both of these domains in order to support integrated service delivery.

  4. Working with a group of providers from multiple agencies / systems in a Learning Collaborative training and consultation model to build understanding of clinical use of the framework in the range of settings those providers work.Although we are willing to provide the ARC workshop, as appropriate, for conference or other open-registration events as a standalone training, we strongly recommend that agencies, systems, or provider collaboratives who are interested in integrating the framework in a sustainable way plan to engage in a minimum of one year of training and collaboration.

  5. Training components may include:
  • 2-day basic ARC workshop
    • Content may be adapted for the needs of particular audiences
  • 1-day advanced training
    • Specific content varies by project; examples of topics offered include applications with young children, sustainability and strategic planning, trauma experience integration with complex clients, use of assessment measures with the ARC framework, and caregiver engagement
    • 1-day supervisor module
    • Focus on supervisory skills to support ARC practice within an agency
  • ½-day residential applications module
    • In-depth exploration of integration of framework concepts at a residential school is used to support residential systems in considering topics such as staff engagement; strategic planning; integrating services across disciplines; and trouble-shooting
  • Clinical consultation (agency-specific)
    • Typically monthly 60-minute calls involving case presentation / discussion, held with clinical providers within an agency / program
  • Systems consultation (agency-specific)
    • Typically monthly 60-minute calls held with a designated lead implementation team, focused on needs assessment, strategic planning, and program development utilizing the ARC framework
  • Clinical consultation, Learning Collaborative
    • Typically 90-minute calls held with up to 5 agency teams (per call), following a structured format for building in-depth clinical understanding of ARC concepts as applied to a range of cases.

Agencies / programs / systems entering into a training and consultation project should anticipate a time commitment that includes, but goes beyond, actual training and consultation hours, and involves self-directed programmatic- and/or clinical-development work supported by the ARC consultant.

If you are interested in seeking training in ARC for your agency or service system, please contact us for more information.

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