ARC-At-A-Glance: Modular Videos

These modular videos were originally developed when the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic began to be felt in the United States. The goal of these brief modules was to support remote learning about the ARC framework during a time when in-person connection was not feasible. These modules will offer an overview / review of the core targets of the ARC framework, but are not a substitute for completing the foundational ARC training.

Note: We regret that we are unable to offer Continuing Education credits for these modules. We would love your feedback, comments, and questions; please use the linked form to send these to us!

Module 1: Overview of the ARC framework and Caregiver Affect Management.

Module 2: Attunement, part 1.

Module 3: Attunement, part 2. Building Connection

Module 4: Building Effective Responses to Child Behavior

Module 5: Supporting youth Identification – Building understanding of internal experience.

Module 6: Modulation – Supporting youth in developing tools and resources to (co-)regulate physiological and emotional states.

Module 7: Competency, part 1 – Supporting youth in feeling connected and empowered.

Module 8: Competency, part 2 – Self and Identity

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